Humanise The Numbers

The Change Management Series

Throughout the course of the Humanise The Numbers podcast we have talked to accountants from all backgrounds, firm sizes and specialities. We have also spoken to authors, thought leaders and experts in the field.

In this Change Management Series you'll hear the stories of these people - you'll hear what got them to where they are, you'll hear about the tech that has changed the way they work and the systems and processes that have had profound and long lasting effect on the way their firms and businesses run.

These conversations dive into the detail of the specific challenges of tackling change management in the Accountancy world.  You'll hear insights on brilliant tech options, people management and how different firms and advisors to the profession have supported change in their own businesses.

On each episode page there are contact details for the guests so if any of these have inspired you, just drop them a line. All of them have agreed to make their contact info available and are willing to receive messages or connections from the podcast listeners.

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