January 5, 2023

Episode 68: Gaye Prime, G&S Prime Business Solutions

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The Story

Would you, as a leader or manager of an accounting firm, sit up and listen to the UK General Manager of a corporate business to learn how they’ve interacted with the accounting firms serving them?

In this humanisethenumbers.online podcast, you'll meet a qualified accountant and experienced General Manager of a UK corporation, Gaye Prime, and hear her discuss the relationships between business owner, business leader and accountant.

She explores a couple of topics – education and interpretation – in different ways, though both are clearly connected.

You’ll be able to see that if you are better at educating your team and better at interpreting what’s going on in your business from their perspective, you’re going to get deeper engagement with your team members. And the same approach would apply to your clients.

That education/interpretation theme crops up several times in this discussion with Gaye, and these insights are extremely valuable for anyone in practice, or anyone in business, for that matter.

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Gaye as much as I did.

Please also scroll down this page to find the contact information for Gaye and an additional resource mentioned in this podcast.
The Solution:

That's only part of the story. We’re talking about history, the numbers are history, we're so much more interested in the future and where we're wanting those numbers to go and where we want the business to be.

So, history's really important to help understand the business, in terms of why it is like it is or if it is being run as well as it could be.

But the numbers allow decisions to be made and help us understand what the decision is all about. It’s all about - where next, what are we doing next?

Weekly cadence helps to run a business, it’s needed. So, let's have those regular check-ins to ensure that we're going in the right direction, we're setting out what that route needs to be and we are talking about what it is within the business that we can do or need to do to make that happen.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

In this podcast Gaye and Paul discuss the importance of your firm's team, the need to involve your team in the decisions being made, to include them, engage them, empower them, make them accountable, listen to their concerns and ideas and actually act upon what they say.

Gaye believes that to achieve this you must have a weekly cadence to the work within your firm. This weekly cadence is achieved by having focused weekly check-ins.

These check-ins look at the agreed actions from the last meeting, what has been done and what has not been done and why and what the plan for the next week is.

Gaye believes these weekly meetings are essential, as they encourage your team to be, not only efficient, but effective as well.

In this latest Business Breakthrough report called '20% more from your team' you will discover how to get the best from your people in just 30 minutes a week and how a simple framework can transform the performance of your people and your firm.

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