Humanise The Numbers

The Workflow Series

Throughout the course of the Humanise The Numbers podcast we have talked to accountants from all backgrounds, firm sizes and specialities. We have also spoken to authors, thought leaders and experts in the field.

In this Workflow Series you'll hear stories from firms and service providers who have made changes to their workflow processes and systems and had a dramatic impact on their profitability.  

These conversations uncover how they have unpicked the various bottlenecks and delays and challenges that busy accountancy firms face.  You'll also hear about how outsourcing can transform the nature of your client services and hubs.

All of the guests are candid about the specifics of what they have done and how and what they are still looking to do - you'll get some real 'get started tomorrow' type action steps that you can take in your firm too.

On each episode page there are contact details for the guests so if any of these have inspired you, just drop them a line. All of them have agreed to make their contact info available and are willing to receive messages or connections from the podcast listeners.

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