Episode 19: Alison Blackler of 2minds


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Alison Blackler - Founder of 2minds

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2minds - passionate about your potential

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In this fascinating discussion I'm talking with Alison Blackler of 2minds.  Alison is a transformational mind coach, speaker and 2x author of 'A Path Travelled' series - what that means is that she supports and helps people work with their minds to transform how they view themselves and the world around them.

As Alison says ' basically anywhere where there is a mind I can pop up and hopefully help them.'  

During the conversation we dive into the strategies, processes and frameworks that you and your team can put in place to manage the difficulties of change in your accountancy firm in a much more effective and personal, if not human, way.

It's a revealing, candid and enormously insightful interview.  Do join me on this podcast to hear what Alison has to say...


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1. Listening to Humanise the Numbers podcast with Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice and Alison Blackler of 2minds https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-19-alison-blackler-of-2-minds/

ii) The psychology behind why leaders must look to their own ‘style’ to help them transform the conversations they are having with their teams 

iii) how the SCARF model - developed by David Rock can unlock the secret to motivation for you, your team and your colleagues


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1 Paul Shrimpling is talking in this podcast with Alison Blackler of 2minds mentoring and coaching as she shares many valuable insights into the ways and means of understanding our own minds to help make us better more effective managers and business leaders


2. In this podcast conversation Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice asks Alison Blackler -Transformational Mind Coach and director of 2minds "what are the significant differences between say the leader of a business and someone who's stuck in prison or someone who's struggling in a school - is there a bridge that we can build here that's relevant to accountants that are listening to the podcast?" - it's an unlikely question but Alison provides a fascinating response and identifies one key element that is common across all of these scenarios.  Listen here to learn more...

3. In this week's Humanise the Numbers podcast Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice is talking with Alison Blackler of 2minds and digging deep into the phsyche of not just accountants but all business leaders and in fact anyone who deals with people.  It's an enlightening, inspiring and at times surprising conversation...


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