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JVCA are a firm based in Cranfield, Milton Keynes.Jonathan Vowles and Coral

Wood and Disney are a firm of accountants based in Colchester. Brendon

Nigel Adams is managing director at Ad Valorem and talks to Paul

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Nikki and Nigel Adams have transformed their kitchen-table accountancy firm into a

Outsourcing... but not as you know it

Whatever your experience has been with outsourcing, we want to challenge that. Outsourcing is not about handing over some compliance work: it’s about changing the nature of the interactions you have with clients. Our world-class, custom built project management system allows you to help your clients better.

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Increased time with clients

A 7 partner firm came to us needing support with accounts preparation to support their audit teams.

We worked to segregate their work and free up staff time to work closer with their clients.

Consistent client contact and scaling growth

A firm wanted to have a consistent message of client contact.

Outsourcing has enabled them to have more junior members of staff working with clients earlier in their career.

Their team now comprises of client managers assistant accountants and trainees, all with AdvanceTrack supporting them as part of that team.

Work delivered on time and on-budget

A Major International Group was struggling to navigate through the iXBRL maze.

They wanted to deliver a long term solution to iXBRL compliance and decided to outsource the first year file preparation to us.

We completed the files for approximately 70 group companies helping the group meet their deadlines.