Episode 42: Rob Whittall of Dyke Yaxley Resources


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What does it take for a firm, even a specialist niche firm, to grow substantially, year-on-year, for over a decade?

In this podcast discussion with Rob Whittall of Dyke Yaxley, USA, Rob shares the insights, ideas and strategies that have helped him grow his firm and build two teams, one in the US and one in the UK. He will also share how his specialist firm helps UK and US businesses, as well as individuals, navigate the complexities of tax across the two countries.

Join me at humanisethenumbers.online and hear how Rob has grown a really elegant, professional firm, a firm of which he is rightly very proud.

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1. In this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Rob Whittall of Dyke Yaxley, Rob talks about how his specialist firm helps businesses and individuals in the UK and the US navigate the complications of tax across the two countries.


2. You will hear Rob talk about the advisory-versus-compliancy debate and why he believes that, if you have the right relationship with your client, they go hand in hand.


3. You will hear Rob describe the complexities of running businesses in the UK and the US and how the daily check-ins and break-out sessions have helped both teams form strong relationships.


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1. In this minute-long review you will hear me sharing the highlights of the podcast, where Rob shares insights and strategies that have helped him grow his firm and his teams in the UK and the US and have helped his clients overcome the hurdles of two different taxation systems.



2. Rob has decided to focus his business, both in the UK and the US, on working with owner-managed businesses. Rob and his teams' technical expertise and deep understanding of the taxation system in both the UK and the US make them a valued partner to their clients. Listen to this podcast to understand the value to Rob in not only delivering the numbers, but in delivering reassurance, support and care to all the clients with which they work.


3. Rob shares the importance of pricing right and of not being afraid to increase prices. He explains why a 3-tier pricing template and money-back guarantee have given his team members the confidence to pick up the phone and have pricing conversations, quoting higher prices to clients - listen to this at 48m35s.


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