Episode 5: : Kathryn Wellum-Kent of Monahans


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Kathryn Wellum-Kent Director 


MHA Monahans - 8 offices throughout the South West in UK

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In this podcast interview Paul Shrimpling is talking with Kat Wellum-Kent of multi-partner multi office firm Monahans, down in the Southwest of the UK and Kat with her 45 strong production team have started a number of initiatives to do just that.

Paul discusses the buddy system that Kat talks about on the podcast, as well as the different career paths she creates depending on the natural preferences, natural tendencies, natural skills and personalities that go with her team.

So checkout https://humanisethenumbers.online and listen to this podcast with Kat Wellum-Kent and you'll get a real insight into the great work Kat's doing within Monahans.

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1. Listening to "Humanise the Numbers with Kat Wellum-Kent of MHA Monahans" 


 2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert working in an accountancy firm - listen to this podcast and hear what Kat Wellum-Kent of multi-office multi-partner firm Monahans has to say about this 


3. How is everyone doing in your team? On this podcast Kat Wellum-Kent of Monahans tells @shrimpers what her one word for 2021 will be - listen here


4. @shrimpers asks Kat Wellum-Kent of Monahans how they are creating more opportunities for business services employees in their firm


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"Humans are complex, aren't they, lots of different things that go into making them who they are.
And it might be introversion, extroversion - it might be that they are more numbers focussed or they're more verbal or whatever it is, and all of those things blend together.

It's about matching that blend with the right role. That's going to suit them the best because then everyone wins."

In this podcast with Kat Wellum-Kent of Monahans you'll hear how placing the right people in the right roles play a pivotal part of Monahans success.  Jump to 30 mins in on this podcast to hear what Kat has to say about this

In this podcast with Kat Wellum-Kent of Monahans , Paul Shrimpling asks  'How do your team determine when they've had a good week'

Listen in from 6 minutes in to hear what Kat says

In this podcast interview with Kat Wellum-Kent of Monahans multi office multi partner firm in the South West of the UK, Paul Shrimpling hears Kats insights and innovations around managing performance in a remote working world.  

Listen in from 15.15 mins in.

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