March 18

Episode 4: Sean Farnell of Burgis & Bullock


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Sean Farnell

Burgis & Bullock Chartered accountants with offices in Leamington, Leicester, London, Nuneaton, Rugby and Stratford. 

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In this podcast interview with Sean Farnell from the six office firm Burgis and Bullock Chartered Accountants.

You'll hear Sean sharing his insights and what and how they ensure enough points of contact between the management team and the production team and the impact, the positive impact it has on their firm.

You'll also hear how lockdown has brought about great improvements in the productivity of their firm.

Tweets For This Episode 

1. Listening to "Humanise the Numbers with Sean Farnell of Burgis and Bullock"

 2. Productivity has gone up through lockdown - find  t more from Sean Farnell of Burgis and Bullock.

3. How do you make a 6 office form feel like it's a 'human' place to work not a corporate beast..

4. @shrimpers asks 'What's exciting you about the profession at the moment and your role within it '

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In this podcast interview Paul Shrimpling asks Sean Farnell of Burgis Bullock about the effectiveness of daily meetings - check out what Sean says at 20.45 mins in.

"The advent of tech allows front footed advice" hear what Sean Farnell of Burgis Bullock a six office firm has to say about enabling accountants to watch over their clients numbers and offer timely and relevant support.  Listen here from 29.16 mins in.

In this podcast interview Paul Shrimpling asks Sean Farnell of Burgis Bullock about how they manage and implement future focussed conversations with their business owner clients.

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