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It can often feel like pushing water uphill when it comes to getting your team to embrace the necessary changes to secure the future success of your firm. In our 20 years of working with accountancy firms, we’ve experienced this more often than not.

However, there are ways and means, techniques and processes that you can use to help your team want to change, to embrace change, so that it’s your team, and not you, which takes the lead in driving change. You can leverage and scale change in such a way that, not only do you secure a future firm, you get a firm that can thrive because there’s a whole team driving these initiatives.

This podcast was recorded with David Hassall, one of the founders of XU Magazine and an owner of a reasonably substantial accountancy firm as well. David shares some really powerful insights about recruitment, along with how to build stronger relationships with clients and how you get your team to embrace necessary change.

So why not join us on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast or at your favourite podcast platform to hear these amazing insights from David Hassall.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with David Hassall, and hear David discuss recruitment, managing change in your firm and how to build your relationships with your clients.


2. How do you recruit successfully in your firm? Listen to David Hassall discuss how gut feeling can influence him as much as the person's ability to handle real-work scenarios.


3. Listen here to David Hassall discuss the value to your firm of your client relationships.


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with David Hassall on how to manage both kinds of team members - relationship and numbers - and how change in your firm is a journey for everyone. Listen here:


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with David Hassall of DH Business Support and hear him discuss numbers - the importance of numbers both to his team and to his clients - and how he took his relationship team members and his technical team members on a journey to understand the emotional impact that numbers can have on their clients' lives.


3. Listen to this podcast with David Hassall of DH Business Support and discover how running the XU Magazine (created on the back of a beer mat) with his brother enabled him to pull all the Xero content into one place, and how the magazine has not only enabled him to have better client conversations but has given him 'time out' of his firm to work ON it, not just IN it.


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Here is a soundbite of the interview with David Hassall