November 9, 2021

Episode 33: Carl Reader of d&t Chartered Accountants

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The Story

How do you really humanise the numbers in your firm? And by that, I mean, how do you deeply connect with your team and with your clients, so that you transform the results of your firm?

In this podcast discussion with Carl Reader, the first of two podcasts recorded. you'll hear Carl's passion, verve, and zeal for the humanity that he believes is necessary to run a successful accounting firm.

You'll hear his take on the processes and systems that tie him and his team to the work they do with their clients. He also talks about the use of technology but also the importance of making a connection with your business owner clients. 

I hope you'll take a little time out and invest in listening to what Carl has got to say and share around successful firm, d&t.  I'm confident there will be one or two gems, if not more, for you and your firm to take away.

So why not please join Carl and I on this Humanise the Numbers podcast, the first of two podcasts we've recorded together.

The Solution:

"I hate the word client… I just don't like it because it indicates a hierarchal relationship and 'you'll believe me' and 'you're the client' and 'I'm the professional' and 'you must be spoon-fed by me!'

"But when it transforms to my business partner that I’m speaking to, and by the way, I know my business partner's husband as well, and I know that 'John' is really hoping to take my business partner away on holiday, and I know that their kids are desperate to go to Disney and all of this stuff that goes around it, then it's really hard not to be empathetic...

"But ultimately the main intention of these calls is just for our partners to know that we are there for them, that we know them, we like them. We're on the same level as them as humans."




Connect with Paul

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Business Breakthrough:
Quarterly OKRs in your firm

This podcast discusses client contact, by phone or email. To monitor and encourage his team to make more calls Carl uses an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) system with measurements in place ensuring his team deliver on the calls commited to. Read more about OKRs below.

Business Breakthrough: Breakthrough Accountability

Paul and Carl also discuss accountability in the podcast.  If accountants can improve their accountability skills they become better   become better leaders and managers. The actual performance of the firm improves also. Read more about Breakthrough Accountability below.

Boss It: Control Your Time, Your Income and Your Life

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