August 4, 2020

Episode 1: Will Farnell and Peter Jarman

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The Story

Will Farnell of Farnell Clarke and Peter Jarman of PJCO Accountants, two of the most advanced digital firms, share their thoughts on how book keeping plays such a jugular role in their firm.

They share the nitty gritty details about what they do and how they do it.

How their team's are so fully engaged in the process and how well they are deeply connected with their clients.

The discussion starts on the topic of book keeping but soon morphs into an even more important debate about client relationship work, team skills development and more.

The commoditisation of accounts may well be a threat to the accountancy profession but not at these two firms.

The Solution:

"You know, I very quickly found out that it was quite easy to move up a £3000 fee into a £15,000  fee.

By incorporating bookkeeping, once you've incorporated the bookkeeping into the offering, then you start to get an awful lot more touch points with the client "




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