January 26, 2021

Episode 10: Jonathan Vowles and Coral Tolley-Fletcher of JVCA

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The Story

Have you ever wondered seriously about the value your client's experience of working with your accountancy firm?

You know, the payoff they get from working with you, working with your team and getting the services that you deliver to your clients?

On this Humanise The Numbers podcast interview I’m talking to Coral Tolley-Fletcher and Jonathan Vowles of JVCA - based in Cranfield, Milton Keynes - and I have a sneaking suspicion I ambushed Coral and Jonathan a little around their views of the value that they and their firm deliver to their clients.

And we have, what I believe, is a valuable conversation about the two types of value, the two aspects of value or payoff as I like to call it.

One being the functional, factual, financial payoff that your client's experience in working with your firm and the other being the emotional payoff, you know, that sense of reassurance, certainty and confidence that 'everything's all right in the world' that clients get from working with you, their accountant.

So why not join me, Coral and Jonathan on this Humanise The Numbers podcast and see what you make of those two elements of payoff or value, functional and emotional. And hopefully you'll get some value yourself and take some action on the back of making more of the opportunity to talk value in two different ways with your clients.

The Solution:

"One of the things I particularly like is those kind of 'wake up and smell the coffee' moments...

As accountants and as business owners, how many times are we saying  - Oh, you've got to have a plan,
you've got to have a forecast and we're looking forward - when we also should be saying - let's look back, just for a moment, to recognise how far we've come!"




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