May 17, 2024

Episode 108: Nicki Savill of Moore Kingston Smith

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The Story

If your firm is making good use of current technology, and is embracing new technologies as well, and if you are building the knowledge and skills of your team and building deeper relationships with your clients, you'll know that you’re on track for the ambitious future you have in mind for your firm, your team and your clients.

In this podcast with Nicki Savill of Moore Kingston Smith, Nicki spends a good deal of time talking about how to build deeper relationships with clients and how to build a stronger sense of human connection across the team as, ultimately, it is the team's knowledge and skills that deliver for your clients.

It's a powerful discussion. Nicki's very open and candid about what they do and how they do it. She shares the metrics they use around face-to-face interactions with both their clients and their team  – these are far more human than when using Teams or Zoom.

You'll hear Nicki describe how important, how impactful, those handshake, face-to-face meetings are with both team and clients. I hope you enjoy this discussion with Nicki as much as I did – the time absolutely flew by. I think you'll get something of significant value from the insights that Nicki shares.

You can get the full podcast at, or you can go to your favourite podcast platform and seek out Humanise The Numbers and Nicki Savill.

Please scroll down this episode page for the contact information for Nicki and for the additional, downloadable resources mentioned in this podcast.

The Solution:

And this is why I get carried away with the conversation because I feel so passionately about it. I do genuinely care about what I do. I genuinely care about the impact that I have on the team and how they develop and I hope that they feel that same level of passion that I do, because I feel so invested in it. It's so important to me and I really enjoy what I'm doing.

I enjoy the people elements of it, the client side of it and developing people, and that's why I've been there for all this time.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

During the podcast, Paul and Nicki discuss the importance of building relationships with clients by constructively challenging them. When you build a relationship where you can challenge your clients, you demonstrate your value to them.

Paul shares the 5 different styles used when it comes to working with your clients and how the 'challenger' style allows you to ask your client the questions that matter.

To discover more about how to challenge your clients and develop a deep trusting relationship as a result, please click the button below to read the Business Breakthrough report 'Challenging Customers'.

Paul and Nicki talk about the importance of face-to-face meetings with clients and how these meetings can build and deepen your relationship over time. Paul shares his thoughts about Peter A. Shein and Edgar H. Shein's book, Humble Enquiry, and the importance of the 3 C's when having conversations with your clients:

Care Face-to-face meetings demonstrate that you care.

Committed  Face-to-face meetings show that you are committed to helping your clients.

Curious – By having these meetings regularly and by listening and asking the right questions, you demonstrate that you are curious to discover what is going on in their business and that you want to help.

Click the link below to access the book.

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