February 2, 2021

Episode 11: Martin Horton of Rivington Accounts

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The Story

It's a challenging question to ask you how committed you are to the mental well-being of your team and during tumultuous and trying times it's an important question.

It’s likely you're doing everything you can to facilitate, assist and support your team so that they thrive as well as supporting your clients so that they thrive too.

In this podcast discussion, with Martin Horton of Rivington Accounts, you'll hear Martin share his commitment and levels of support - weekly and monthly support - around the mental wellbeing of his team at an important time.

So why not join me to listen to the podcast discussion with Martin and please, if you get the opportunity, share in the comments your own stories and what you think about Martin's monthly committed support and the ways he's looking after the wellbeing of his team. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

The Solution:

"Each of the team also has a monthly one-to-one with an external communications specialist -  I have an hour a month too.

It's completely confidential to talk about any issues they've got. So it's almost like a therapy session, and even though it's optional they all do it.

 And it's a chance for them just to offload and will support them and help them improve.

So I think if they can improve in any aspect of that in their mind, it'll help us all in the business".




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Resources relating to this episode:

During the conversation with Martin, you'll hear him refer to an external communications specialist (Alison Blackler) that he and his team have been working with at Rivingtons to help support their well being on an individual and team basis.
We were so interested to hear of this we got in touch with Alison and were honoured to have her join us on the podcast. Episode 19 is where you'll hear the real nitty gritty of Alison's work.

Episode 19: Alison Blackler of 2minds

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