February 15, 2021

Episode 13: Luke Smith of Purpose part 2

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The Story

How come some accountants are really good at connecting with their business owner clients and other accountants are less good, less effective at building that personal connection with their business owner clients?

On this podcast interview, you'll hear Luke Smith of Purpose - this is part two of a two-part discussion I had with Luke recently.

Myself and a bunch of accountants actually grill Luke on this podcast and you'll hear Luke describe what it is his team are doing to ensure that there's a real connection in every year-end meeting between his team and his business owner clients.

So why not join me and a bunch of other accountants on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast and hear what Luke has got to say about how he and his team do great work to build that connection between his team and his clients?

The Solution:

"And suddenly you're having a conversation with them where they are able to understand the person they're talking to.
Whereas before they just sat in the room during the year end meeting and nobody's really explained why the figures are what they are...

So the starting point is just give them a little bit of information about how you can solve their current problems. Nobody changes if they haven't got a problem."




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