February 22, 2021

Episode 14: Jo Drinkwater of Grant McKnight

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The Story

What would it be like knowing with absolute certainty:

Where you're taking your firm?
What the vision of your firm is?
The goals you've set for yourself - for the next ten years!
Knowing with concrete certainty that you're going to get there.

In this discussion with Jo Drinkwater of Grant McKnight in the West Midlands, you'll see, hear even feel Jo's confidence and optimism about the future of her business, her growing team and the work she's doing with her clients.

You'll really get a sense of her zeal, enthusiasm and joy of running her relatively new business.

Hopefully you'll be inspired by that energy and get something of real value from this discussion. 

So please join me on this podcast and meet Jo Drinkwater and feed off the positivity and optimism she shares.

The Solution:

"As a CEO, as managing director, I should be spending 70% of my time on marketing!
- Now, when I first heard that I nearly fell off my chair!!"




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