March 2, 2021

Episode 15: Wayne Hockley of Anthony Russel

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The Story

How exactly do you build a stronger connection with each and every one of your team so that each and every one of them are more productive, generate a higher standard of work and ultimately deliver greater bottom-line profits to you and your firm?

On this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Wayne Hockley from Anthony Russel, you'll hear Wayne describe in detail how they've moved their firm from a monthly rhythm for production workflow to a weekly rhythm around production workflow.

Plus, you'll hear how important it's been to drive more regular weekly, if not daily, contact with each and every member of their team.

That may sound inefficient, but this approach by Wayne and his fellow partner Tony has delivered effective results and effective bottom-line profits for their firm.
So why not join me on this podcast interview?

The Solution:

"We've got a check-in point every week, rather than every month with every member of the team.

So we've got more opportunities to put things right.

That was a significant shift getting their plans from a monthly plan to a weekly plan. "




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