March 10, 2021

Episode 16: Neil Ballard and Rachel Barry

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The Story

How do you, as a firm, end up with a culture where everyone within the firm holds everyone else to account for the standards of the work they do and the way they behave?

It's not just a top down accountability.

It's top down, bottom up, side to side accountability because everyone has that drive, enthusiasm and verve for achieving performance and behavioural standards that everyone in the firm holds dear.

Join me on this podcast interview with Neil Ballard and Rachel Barry of Lewis Ballard, a 24 person, two office firm in South Wales.
Neil and Rachel also happen to be father and daughter. 

Hear exactly how they've created this culture of accountability thanks to some monthly routines around team feedback.

Hear also about the impact 360-degree feedback has had on Neil, the managing director, and how they connect in a stronger, deeper and a more emotionally, valuable way with their clients because of their approach to a communication strategy.

So please join me, Neil and Rachel, on this podcast.

I look forward to hearing and hopefully reading your feedback on, what I think, is a really valuable discussion.

The Solution:

"For us it's about developing them as people.

We absolutely believe that whoever comes to us, we always want them to leave better people, not just better accountants, better people."




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