March 17, 2021

Episode 17: Zoe Lacey-Cooper

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The Story

What one thing is the key to the future success of your accounting firm?

Don't you think - actually it makes sense to get an outsider's perspective?

To answer that question, here's an outsider who absolutely loves the profession having spent the last six years working with accountants.

Today I'm joined by Zoe Lacey Cooper, the director head of events at Accountex, the largest UK exhibition for the accounting profession.

In this podcast Zoe shares her insights and experiences that point to implementation as the one key thing.

The Solution:

"I'm a big of a fan of pricing because I think it's a quick learn.

You can grasp it, implement it and feel the benefits quickly. Just go to a single pricing session, just 45 minutes and you can go away and you can immediately change your whole pricing structure, transforming the profitability of your business."




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