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What do you think it would be like to grow an accountancy firm from 30 people strong to 200 people strong - 4 offices, 18 partners - and still retain the feel and culture of the family firm they were 30 years ago when there was 30 people in the firm?

Nathan Keeley from Carpenter Box down in Sussex, joins Paul Shrimpling on this, HumaniseTheNumbers.Online podcast and shares in quite intimate detail a number of the things they've done and things they're doing to ensure that they've got that sense of collaboration within the team and the sense of collaboration with their clients too.

Yes, they are using technology, but also looking at every role in every department in its own merits and building KPIs that suit each individual and each department. We think you'll find a huge amount of value in what Nathan has shared in this podcast. 

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1. Capturing additional value through fees and exceptional billing is a difficult balance to strike – listen to Nathan Keeley partner at Carpenter Box sharing his firms experiences https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-18-nathan-keeley-of-carpenter-box/

ii) Is the specialist way the only way? @shrimpers is talking in this podcast interview with Nathan Keeley, Partner at Carpenter Box

iii)How can a 200 strong team in an accountancy firm maintain a ‘family firm’ feel? Listen to this podcast with Nathan Keeley, Partner at Carpenter Box to hear how they have achieved this...

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1 Nathan Keeley of Carpenter Box and Paul Shrimpling discuss the relative merits of  urgent, important and significant work and what the long term benefits are for each of these


2. In this podcast discussion between Paul Shrimpling and Nathan Keeley of Carpenter Box, Nathan shares his experiences of being part of a firm that has grown from 30 people strong to 200 people strong in 4 offices and with 18 partners. Nathan explains how they still retain the feel and culture of the family firm they were 30 years ago when there was 30 people in the firm.


3. Nathan Keeley of Carpenter Box describes some in-house tech innovation at Carpenter Box and what the upfront costs of this versus the long term benefit and ROI have been.


4. How do you determine the KPIs for individuals in a large firm where there are 200 team members and multiple departments across different sites? In this discussion with Paul Shrimpling of Remarkable Practice, Nathan Keeley, Partner and Head of Cloud Accounting at Carpenter Box shares his experiences …


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