August 4, 2020

Episode 2: Nigel and Nikki Adams of Ad Valorem

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The Story

Nikki and Nigel Adams have transformed their kitchen-table accountancy firm into a multi-million pound multi-office firm packed with high quality highly motivated people.

Nikki and Nigel are rightly proud of the high levels of enthusiasm and motivation their team demonstrate on a daily basis in their firm.

They face challenges like all firms face challenges but with their team fully on board with their vision and values, going to work is no chore.

So what are they doing exactly, to create a working environment that creates the enthusiasm and zeal in their team?

A zeal that is helping them grow quickly and grow profitably!

Check out the insights, skills and habits that are creating their success and can help you achieve the similar success...

The Solution:

"Good people, want to work with winners. Because we can articulate our vision our future employees have something to buy into..."

"We're a 60 piece jigsaw at the moment and we want to be a 1000 piece jigsaw..."




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