April 16, 2021

Episode 20: Suda Ratnam of Raffingers

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The Story

What must it be like for an accountancy firm, the leadership team of an accountancy firm to be, not a 100% confident, but seriously confident about the future stability of their firm?

You're about to hear from Suda Ratnam of 70 person, 11 partner firm, Raffingers on the outskirts of London, share what they as a firm are doing to humanise the numbers in their firm based on their mentoring program for their team and also a quarterly review process with their team, to ensure that everyone in the firm is on the track to progress, to be doing the best work they can do and to feel as though they're very much part of the progression of the firm.

So please, why not join me and Suda Ratnam at humanisethenumbers.online for this podcast discussion that ultimately invests in or sees Raffingers invest in their people quite significantly and fits very well with the message around 'If you don't grow your people, you won't grow your practice', but if you do grow your people, you will grow your practice, fees, profits, capital value, cash and also that sense of pride and enjoyment of running a humanised accountancy business.

The Solution:

"We have a very good training programme here. We ask people what are the areas you'd need to improve?
We don't hold back on that.
We train people, whatever they want. We give them the necessary training because
1) It improves their skill set
2) It helps everyone - they become more rounded people by getting the training. When I say training it's not just accountancy training,  also there's management training, marketing training. We do everything here..."




Suda Ratnam of Raffingers

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