April 23, 2021

Episode 21: Ron Baker and the Timesheet Tussle

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The Story

To what extent have you, your colleagues and your firm been looking at the efficiency, effectiveness and productiveness of your accounts and tax teams whilst in the working-from-home, locked down world we’ve been living in in recent times?

Certainly I've been experiencing a number of conversations with a number of firms around timesheets, and as a result I was stimulated by one of those firms to consider having a podcast discussion with several firms on the merits, or otherwise, of using timesheets.

One of the firms suggested - 'wouldn't it be great if you got the world's expert, Ron Baker involved as well!'

And I thought - 'that's a great idea. Let's ask him!', and I did, and I'm pleased, proud and privileged to say that on this podcast, you'll hear from Ron Baker!

You'll also hear from three very strong managing partners of accounting firms across the UK, one in the North, two in the South.

You’ll hear each of them sharing their experiences of not working with timesheets and working with time sheets.

And so we've created this podcast called the timesheet tussle, which I hope contributes to your thinking around the merits or otherwise of using timesheets and maybe other ways of driving the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and therefore, of course, the profitability of your firms.

So please join me, Nigel, Luke, John (the three managing partners) and Ron Baker at humanisethenumbers.online.

I hope you enjoy this very thought provoking podcast discussion.

The Solution:

"In the 30, some odd years, I've been doing this...
I'm happy to report, we've won this war, McKinsey & Co, Bain & Co and Accenture no longer do time sheets!"





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