May 12, 2021

Episode 23: Rob Walsh of Clear Vision Consulting

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The Story

What can you do to grow the commerciality of your people so that they drive the fees, the profits and the capital value of growth in your accountancy firm?

In this podcast discussion with Rob Walsh, you'll hear Rob describe how he grew the commerciality of his team so that he did less, they did more, and they contributed significantly to the growth of fees, profitability, and ultimately, the capital value of the firm too.

Rob's story is an interesting one because Rob progressed in a multi-office, multi-partner firm before he realised that he needed to go it alone.  He set his own practice up and grew it in excess of a million pounds. During this process Rob grew a significant amount of fees from the world of advisory consulting with his business owner clients and then 18 months ago sold that practice onto one of his key managers.  He now continues to help his clients achieve their goals, vision, and purpose in life.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

The Solution:

"What consulting is - From the initial relationship to the trust being built, from the compliance, to the KPIs management then to forecasting, to then going into the board meeting and goal-setting and everything else...
"You've got a client for life and more. You've got a trusted relationship for life and you are always there, right through the journey, from meeting them to helping them exit."




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