May 19, 2021

Episode 24: Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman

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The Story

In this podcast discussion with Hugh Stedman of C&H Stedman in Hemel Hempstead, you'll hear Hugh talk about how discussing the future of his clients’ businesses with them, instead of looking at historical reports, has enabled him to offer strategy and then accountability meetings, which have transformed the way his clients see his firm. In Hugh's opinion, actually talking about the future is so where we need to be as a profession.

Hugh also shares his stories of helping clients with outsourcing, strategy, recruitment, and how a serious illness last year created a huge opportunity for his firm and allowed his team to step up in a way that has had a profound impact on the future of the firm.

The Solution:

"I've gone into loads of client meetings with a lot of worries and yet we always end up having good meetings.
"You don't know more about their business than they do, but you do know more about business than they do, because you've seen so many businesses, and you can take those ideas from one business and push them into another. And that's really powerful."




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Set up and insist on the use of a checklist for the business critical tasks in your firm. Even if people know what they should be doing...

The Checklist Manifesto referenced by Hugh and Paul during their discussion.

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