June 17, 2021

Episode 25: Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion

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The Story

How do you define in your firm the concept of real-time accounting?

And is it really meaningful?

In this discussion with Stefan Barrett of Bee Motion, an accountancy firm in Stockport, Manchester, you'll hear Stefan share his insights around what real-time accounting means to him and how he makes it valuable to his clients.

The Solution:

"It scares me that as we do progress with our tech -and we've become very tech savvy - is that I'm constantly thinking I don't wanna lose the human touch...

"My focus point is making sure that the client gets a good job, but using tech internally to show that externally we're still human.

"We never want to lose that human touch because the minute we lose the human touch, I've lost the focus on the core values of Bee Motion "

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