September 2, 2021

Episode 28: Harvee Pene of Inspire CA

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The Story

How do you and your firm measure the impact you have on your clients' lives? And what difference does that impact have for your clients?

In this podcast with Harvee Pene from Brisbane, Australia, you'll hear Harvee describe the crystal clear way they've worked out how to measure the impact they have on their clients' lives and the difference the value they create and the results they achieve makes to their clients

I hope you enjoy the podcast. 

The Solution:

"We knew we made an impact. We knew it made a difference, but we didn't have any way of making that tangible. And if we didn't have any way of knowing the tangibility of that, then how did our clients have a chance to know it?

"If we wanted to grow our practice or if we wanted to raise our fees then we needed to articulate our value in some way, shape or form. The better we can articulate the value we create and the results that our clients get from us, then the easier it is to set the context for which our clients will invest."




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