September 23, 2021

Episode 29: Marie Pegram of UHY Hacker Young East (Strategy Series)

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The Story

Leading and managing change is tough. The bigger the team, the bigger the challenge.

So how do you transform an old-style, partner-led, multi-office firm into one that's strategy and corporate-led with crystal clear functions, roles, and responsibilities for everyone across the firm - that fully engages with (or is it at least on the journey to fully engaging with) everyone in the team?

In this podcast discussion with Marie Pegram of UHY East, Letchworth in Hertfordshire, you'll hear Marie share the insights about the journey that UHY East have been on from partner led to strategy/corporate led and some of the challenges and difficulties they've experienced on that journey.

And ultimately how vital, how important, how fundamental it has been to put the team first. In the balance between team and clients, Marie states plainly that the team come first in their development and the change they've achieved in their firm.

I hope you'll join me and Marie in this podcast discussion, I found it profoundly insightful.

The Solution:

"I think accountability is something that crops up a lot.

"Actually when we've done our workshops and when you're getting feedback from people, how do we hold people to account?

"How can we be better at it? How can we constructively hold people to account as well to bring them along rather than losing them because 'values' are being used as a weapon?"




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