September 29, 2021

Episode 30: Glenn Martin of Avery Martin

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The Story

Our experience  of working with Accountancy firms over the last couple of decades has shown that every firm, at some point in their history, has experienced the frustrating challenges of a lack of people or lack of time resource, which holds back the growth and future success of their firm.

Sometimes that lack of people and time resource can undermine the existing performance of the business too.

So what do you do?

In this podcast discussion with Glenn Martin of Avery Martin up in county Durham, you'll hear Glenn share insights about what he and his team have done in order to make the key decisions around which clients to work with and which clients not to work with.  These decisions have teed up his firm for future success and will help achieve the goals that Glenn has for himself, his team and his clients.

Join Glenn and I on this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion and hear his valuable insights into how he's making one or two key decisions that will help his firm grow and prosper. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast

The Solution:

"One of the decisions that we made was we've just stopped doing tax-only work.

"For example, the landlord who always turns up about a week before the end of January and wants their tax return done.

"We put a bunch of tax returns together and sold them on and now we only do tax returns for our business clients.

"If you're a director of a company, we'll do your tax return, but we don't do tax-only work. It just interrupts your annual work flow too much, December/January time - because we want to be busy every month. We want to be 89% of capacity every month and it's just too disruptive"




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