October 22, 2021

Episode 32: Jenny Cessini of Davis Grant

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The Story

How on earth, as a firm of accountants, do you manage the ever-increasing workload - thanks to new clients, extra work from existing clients and the fact that it's really tough to recruit more good people into your firm?

And it seems to be getting harder, doesn't it?

In this podcast discussion with Jenny Cessini of Davis Grant in Ilford (a five partner firm with 40 people in their organisation), you'll hear Jenny describe, in granular detail, how their weekly workflow process helps to marry up and balance the weekly expectations of their clients and new prospective clients too.

Jenny describes the weekly processes they use to balance the workload amongst the team, get team buy-in so that they're better at delivering on the targets they have set every week and achieve the customer care that they're clearly so passionate about.

So why not please join me and Jenny on this Humanise The Numbers podcast, and hear how it's possible to balance, blend and achieve the two things that really matter - a fully engaged team and a delighted client bank.

I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did.

The Solution:

"I love it. When I ask somebody to do something and they say,

" I can't, I've got a target job to get out."

"And actually that's what we want, because if I'm trying to allocate some work and say "it's only a couple of hours, you can fit it in" - if that person has already used up their buffer time and they now need to get their job out, they should tell me!

"It's my problem, how I staff that.

"But the fact that they're actually saying "No" and focusing on the target is brilliant."




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Resources relating to this podcast:

During their conversation Jenny and Paul mentioned the 30 minute weekly meeting agenda that has had a big impact on workflow at Davis Grant.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough features the Rockerfeller story and  include the actual agenda that Jenny refers to. Click on the link below to download the Business Breakthrough and read the Rockerfeller story

You can’t get the best from your people if they aren’t accountable for the work they do in your firm.
In 30 minutes a week YOU CAN get the best from your people - simply get together every week and follow a proven framework for your team meeting.

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