November 10, 2021

Episode 34: Carl Reader on Niche Marketing for Accountancy Firms

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The Story

It's not uncommon for a firm of accountants to consider the idea of focusing on and marketing to a niche sector, or to even focus on several niche sectors.

But how do you successfully grow a niche-focused accountancy firm?

In this podcast discussion with Carl Reader you'll hear Carl unpack some of the deep, valuable, insightful ways that he and his team at d&t Chartered Accountants have come to dominate the franchise sector, with a significant percentage of their total clients in that particular sector.

So, if you're interested in the power of niche marketing and focusing your firm on a niche, take time out to listen to Carl and I, as Carl reveals the deepest of insights about his approach to his niche and how it's paid off for his firm.  Why not see what you think could and should work in your firm, so that you can get some real value out of listening to this Humanise The Numbers podcast.

It's a fascinating discussion with Carl. I can't believe how generous he was! I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

The Solution:

"Marketing to a niche, is not about marketing to them at all!

"The marketing is dead simple. You get a domain name that's related to that industry, you work out what your USP is, you sell it.

"But actually the way you dominate a niche isn't by having a page for a sector on your website, the way you dominate a niche is by truly getting the niche, by understanding what it is that they want, that others can't deliver, then you deliver it, then you close the gate behind you."




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