November 11, 2021

Episode 35: Jo Edwards of JE Consulting

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The Story

How do you brilliantly promote and market your firm so that you attract and win ideal clients?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Jo Edwards of JE Consulting, you'll hear Jo describe in detail the things that she and her substantial team of marketers do for many accounting firms (in excess of a hundred).

Jo is a specialist marketer for accountancy firms. So why not, if you want to grow your firm with ideal clients, join Jo and I on this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion. I think you'll find it of significant value to you and your firm.

The Solution:

"Firms have to be careful of 'Emperor’s new clothes' when it comes to marketing. I always say to every firm that we operate with - your best business should always come from referrals and your referrals should make up, at least, 70 to 80 percent of the new client wins that you have. And those referrals should come from existing clients and your professional introducers. It’s the work that you do with those existing clients, with those professional referrers that will always generate the best type of new business for you.

"I think the other challenge is, if you're buying the advice of an expert, then listen to what the expert’s telling you to do! Challenge it by all means, but there are times when we've got simple things, proven campaigns that we know work in specific sectors.

"This is what we did and this is what worked, so this is what we need to go with, and then you'll get pushback: “No, we want to change that bit and we don’t want to do that bit, but we want to do that bit”

"And I think that's one of the challenges, if you're going to spend money taking advice, then take the advice!"




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Resources relating to this podcast:

During their conversation Jo and Paul talk about how to get a prospect to choose your firm, how do you make a prospect aware of who you are and how to build your credibility by making yourself slightly famous.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough features great stories about Richard Davies, who went to great lengths to prove the credibility of his Kevlar vest and Elisha Otis who cut his own rope to prove his lifts worked. 

Click the link below to read this report and discover that more credibility means more trust, more trust means more buyers buying more from your firm.

During their conversation Jo and Paul talk about the importance of comminucating your value to your prospects by challenging their status quo and posing something to them that they don't already know.

Click the link below to discover that your success is determined by your ability to communicate your firm's value to your clients and prospects and it’s your client conversations that dictate the value your clients see and experience.

If you've enjoyed listening to Jo - on this webinar you'll hear Jo and I talking recruitment.  It promises to be a valuable discussion.  Click the link to register for live access or the replay.

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