November 24, 2021

Episode 36: Georgina Gallagher-Kennett of Pinfields (Workflow Series)

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The Story

How would it feel if you and your team in your accountancy firm were able to get to January and feel completely calm, relaxed and completely in control around the number of tax returns you've got to do?

Well in this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Georgina Gallagher-Kennett from Pinfields Accountants in the West Midlands, you'll hear George share some deep, practical and relatively simple but important insights into what she and her team did to smooth out the flow of tax returns.  You'll also hear how they diminished the normal  tax return spike in December and January to less than half what they were when they started on their journey.

George is really generous in unpicking and highlighting the three or four key things that have enabled her to achieve what has been an impressive production workflow methodology within her firm. So why not join George and myself on this Humanise The Numbers podcast and see which one of the insights that George shares is of particular value to you and your firm when you next look at planning out your flow of tax returns.

The Solution:

"When Nick [Pinfield] set the weekly targets, I did say that's fine, but it's got to be across the board as a practice.

"We can't be held up, waiting for accounts prep, so they need to buy into it as well. There was a little bit of a pushback, I know some of the managers were saying, "we've got limited company deadlines this month, you've got till January for this deadline so ours is more urgent!".

"I think it's an evolving process and it really helped that the first year we did it, we virtually halved the number we were doing in January. So, it was a very fast turnaround of people seeing that it did actually work".




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During their conversation George and Paul talk about the importance of weekly catch-ups with the team and how George is trying to put the triggers in place in the working environment to encourage a 5 minute daily catch-up and her struggle with this.

This Business Breakthrough report will demonstrate that rather than leaving your work triggers to chance, decide on the work environment triggers that support and encourage greater success for you and your team and your firm.

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