December 1, 2021

Episode 37: Vipul Sheth AdvanceTrack Outsourcing

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The Story

How do you Humanise the Numbers in your firm so that your people connect with  the clients you work with in a much deeper way? So that as a result your clients are loyal to you, they buy more from you and they even recommend you more than they otherwise would have done?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Vipul Sheth of AdvanceTrack Outsourcing, you'll hear Vipul share a number of insights from his experience of working with many dozens of firms across the UK and the rest of the world, about the small things, the little things, the valuable things.

Actually, they're not that small, because what we really talk about on the podcast is the obsession that builds in the health and the future success of your firm, which is connected to client relationships.

So why not join Vipul and myself on this Humanise The Numbers podcast and hear  what he’s seen work in many of the firms he works with and see how you can improve one or two things so that you get the results you want, by literally Humanising The Numbers in your accountancy firm.

The Solution:

"The point is, those firms that really understand it, what they do is they encourage their people at whatever level. It's upon the partners, but more importantly for the managers, to then say, actually I will take Johnny or Janice or Alice or whoever it is into that meeting.

"And giving them the exposure right from an early stage in their career really helps: one - build confidence, but two - give them an understanding of what the next stage of their career looks like.

And I think this is the most important part of any firm.  To create the culture that encourages them to do it at manager and partner level, but equally for the youngsters, as they're coming through to say - "can I come on a meeting?"

I always say, surround yourself with good people, they make you look amazing!"




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Resources relating to this podcast:

Foster a deep relationship with your client with Caring Client Contact

Your firm wins when you focus on the human relationships with your clients. Vipul uses a great example of how influential his parents accountant was in both their personal and professional lives and how his mantra was 'I change peoples lives'. Change your clients lives when you Humanise The Numbers with genuine client care.

Your client care contact programme determines your client experience. Your client experience determines the success of your firm.

Empower your team when you master the art of delegation

Vipul talks about the importance of allowing your team to grow and develop by encouraging your people to take junior members of the team to client meetings, therefore giving them that exposure right from an early stage in their career. 

This exposure means that they take on more responsibility with confidence, share the workload for some of those clients and be another point of contact within your firm.

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