Episode 38: Jenny Sparks of Cedar and Co Resources (Marketing Series)


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One of the key drivers for the future success of your accounting firm is your ability to win new high value clients, new high value work for new clients, as well as certainly cross selling additional services to your existing clients.

Well on this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion with Jenny Sparks of Cedar and Co in Derby, you'll hear Jenny share her insights from working as a marketeer in a top 10 firm, and then her experiences more recently of working in a smaller sole practitioner firm and what's needed, what's necessary to generate a flow of high quality, high value leads into the firm. Jenny states that in the last 18 months they've identified and won more new client work than they have done in the previous six years.

So she's got some real experience in terms of what works and she signposts the little things, the important things that ensure that Cedar and Co continue to win new, valuable clients that they love and that they like working with.

So why not join Jenny and I on this Humanise The Numbers podcast discussion and work out which one or two things you can take from it and apply to your firm, so that you can bring greater confidence and greater certainty to winning new high value clients for the future of your firm.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Jenny Sparks from Cedar & Co. Jenny and the team are clear who they want to work with, who their ideal clients and how they have built the quality of the clients they have...


2. One of the key drivers for the future success of your accounting firm is your ability to win new high value clients. Hear Jenny Sparks share what they are doing at Cedar and Co to achieve this...


3. What are the differentiating aspects of marketing 'good noise' versus just plain old 'noise'. Tune in at 23m 35s to hear how Cedar and Co are making their digital marketing count...  https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-38-jenny-sparks-cedar-and-co/

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1. In this short video you'll hear a quick review of the enlightening and straight forward insights that Jenny Sparks of Cedar & Co in Derby shared with me during our podcast conversation recently.



2. In this conversation with Jenny Sparks of Cedar & Co in Derby you'll hear Jenny describe the different experiences she's had as a marketer working for a large corporate firm vs a small single partner firm.  You'll hear how different the two roles have been and which Jenny prefers and why. Tune in at 23m 35s to hear specifically about this or listen to the entire podcast to really get a feel for how this marketing fits into the entire ethos of the firm and how it's helping them build a clint base that is aligned with their values.   https://humanisethenumbers.online/episode-38-jenny-sparks-cedar-and-co/

3. How on earth do you find the rights clients?  The ones that are like your best 5 existing clients and how do you stop working with the ones that drag you down, consume your time and aren't connected to your values.  Jenny and I discuss exactly this - go to 7 minutes and 18s to get straight to that discussion.


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