January 10, 2022

Episode 39: Matt Flanagan of Bluehub

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The Story

Why on earth, would you take a blind bit of notice of a technologist talking about Humanise The Numbers for an accountancy practice like yours?

Over the years, Matt Flanagan from BlueHub has built a reputation for really knowing his onions when it comes to the technology. Because he's helped so many firms install, implement, and habitualise technology across their firms, he knows what differentiates the best firms from all the other firms in the profession.

So why not join Matt and I on this Humanise The Numbers podcast, and seek out the one or two things that you can implement in your firm, so that you transform the performance of your team, the performance of your firm as a whole, but also maybe even transform the performance of one or two of your clients too.

I hope you get a chance to listen to Matt, I loved the discussion. He's so down to earth, so practical, it's definitely worth a listen.

The Solution:

Where it could be better is asking questions to get you to the answers. At the moment I don't think there are enough questions about clients as individuals being asked and specifically and where you want to be in the future and what their life goals might be.

And that's not got to be big, glorious things, it can be standard things, like I want to retire at this age, or I want this type of holiday home or whatever it might be for the individual - it's a personal question rather than a business or accountancy related question.

Once you know that about your client then you can help them look at their business and starting talking about howo they can use their business to fulfil that, or how does that get them to those goals?

A lot of the time when I listen (I've run some forums and some groups, and I listen to your groups), it's too easy to revert back to the compliance element of it. When it comes down to it I as a client, want to talk about me, not my personal tax return, yes, keep my tax return down to the lowest you can and do it within the legal limits, I'm all up for that…

But that isn't really going to float my boat. I don't think most business owners who are trying to aspire to do anything are in that tax return mindset.  They are in the what's my future mindset. 




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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Matt and Paul talk about the difficulties around managing change. For any change to work you need to get your team engaged and embracing it. Supporting documents, videos and checklists will help support this change and ensure that the steps are communicated and understood.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will demonstrate how vital checklists are to enable you manage business critical tasks. If surgeons and pilots can use them, then so can you.

Click the link below to read this report and discover how to manage change with the right checklists.

Matt and Paul talk about ensuring you have the right team to manage change - the consequences of not having the right team may mean you firm becomes irrelevant.

Most teams are blessed with a natural status quo bias - they want to continue to do what they have always done, but when you help your team see beyond their existing status quo by engaging in a conversation so they realise the status quo is unsafe for them, they are more likely to embrace change as they see the negatives attached to 'doing nothing' and the postives attached to making the changes to secure their future.

Click the link below to read the Business Breakthrough Report on Client Value and discover to tackle the status quo bias that exists in your firm.

Click the link on the image below to read Matt's book and learn how to start generating revenue from App Advisory services.

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