January 20, 2022

Episode 40: Mike Crook (formerly of PracticeWeb)

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The Story

How does your accountancy firm master the dark arts of marketing so that you become successful at generating leads and high-quality future clients, building your fees, your profits and the capital value of your firm?

In this podcast discussion you'll hear Mike Crook share his profound and valuable insights into how PracticeWeb have worked with accounting firms during his time in the business as Managing Director. He essentially looks back at his experience and unpacks and unlocks some of the insights that drove success in those firms.

We were privileged to secure Mike for this podcast, as he was literally a week away from departing PracticeWeb and joining another company outside of the accountancy profession, and Mike is really candid and honest in his conversation.  It's brilliant that PracticeWeb have given us the thumbs-up to share this information - it's so valuable, not only for the profession as a whole, but especially if you want insights to help to grow your own accountancy firm.

The Solution:

The firms that really understand what they're about are those that get the best traction.

If you truly understand your mission, what you wish to accomplish and who you want to work with, you will go further than the generalist, and that is, hands down, what we've seen, time and time again.

This is evident with clients with whom we work as well as the clients and the non-clients that we follow, without a doubt.




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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Mike and Paul talk about the importance of telling stories within their marketing message. 

They explore how stories help bring things to life.  Most people can relate to and remember stories far more than a bullet point list - they can visualise themselves in the story.

You make your marketing work harder for you when your marketing messages put the power of storytelling to work.

Continue to use them as before, but use better words in a better way and you’ll get better results.

Click the link below to read the Business Breakthrough Report on the Power of Storytelling.

Mike and Paul discuss delivering value to your clients, including 'how to ratchet up the value in the hearts and minds of your clients' - the value dial.

They talk through the importance of accountants being, not only problem solvers, but problem finders as well, by asking the right questions in the right way.

Your success is determined by your ability to communicate your value to your clients.

It pays to get absolute clarity on how to demonstrate the value of your firm and your firm’s products and services in a conversation.

Click the link below to read the Business Breakthrough Report on Client Value.

Paul talks about one of our future Podcast guests, Karen Eber, the ex-HR Director of General Electric (worldwide).

Please see below the Ted Talk that Paul references in this podcast, where Karen describes a very small part of the brain called the amygdala, including evidence that some otherwise successful people with a damaged amygdala can find it particularly difficult to make a decision...

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