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It strikes me that one of the most valuable conversations you can have with a business-owner client concerns the exit from their business. When are they going to close it or sell it? How much do they want for it? And how much personally do they want to extract from the business as a result of that? A highly valuable conversation, but one with which many accountants are not entirely comfortable.

Join me on this podcast discussion with Cliff Spolander of Business Optics.  Cliff is a serial entrepreneur, having started, bought, sold and, on occasion, just simply closed 12 different businesses, and who is now helping business owners with their exit planning.

You'll hear Cliff share his insights and the thoughts, processes, strategies and conversations that drove real value into the hearts and minds of his clients and to his businesses, and that you, your team, your firm can use to deliver value for your own clients.

Please join me at humanisethenumbers.online or go to your favourite podcast source – Spotify, Apple or whatever – and have a listen to what Cliff has to say about exit planning.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Cliff Spolander. An exit and business strategist, Cliff talks about the importance of helping your clients through the process and delivery of their exit plan from their business.


2. Cliff believes business owners should always be 'business-exit ready'. He believes accountants play a crucial role in helping clients focus on their end-game and that this focus drives process improvements, ultimately making the business more successful. Listen here:  


3. Every business owner should have a plan and timeline for exiting their business. Planning for exit really begins when you start the business. Listen to Cliff Spolander discuss the value of an accountant on this 'business exit' journey: 


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a remarkably insightful podcast with Cliff Spolander on a subject most accountants find difficult to discuss with their clients.



2. At 30 minutes, Cliff talks about the value accountants can add to their clients' businesses by having the exit conversation. Cliff recognises that it can be an uncomfortable conversation to start and to have, but it is a very real topic and one which all business owners have thought about. Cliff believes having this conversation and helping clients prepare for exiting their business will increase accountants' value to their clients, who are busy and focused on running their businesses. 

Have you ever had the 'business exit' conversation with your clients? Having this discussion will help your clients stop, slow down and lift their head above the horizon to see where they are going, and you can help make sure they are heading in the right direction.

Listen to the podcast here: 


3. Helping your clients with exit planning will help put you and your team in the privileged position of being your clients' most trusted advisor. Listen at 39m20s to Business Optics' Cliff Spolander, an exit and business planning specialist, liken the subject of exit planning to climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest on your own is risky and dangerous - you probably do not know the way or how to prepare. Alternatively, you can climb it with a team of Sherpas who will carry stuff for you, who know the route and have all the equipment and who will guide you to the top. Accountants have the opportunity to be their clients' Sherpas, helping them up the exit planning mountain. You have the long-term view and can guide them through the whole process, from basecamp to the summit. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the important role accountants can play in helping their clients with their exit planning.


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