March 8, 2022

Episode 44: Vipul Sheth AdvanceTrack Outsourcing: Workflow

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The Story

How do you transform your firm’s accounts production workflow so that you free up people's time whilst simultaneously building stronger, more meaningful, more valuable relationships with your clients?

In this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Vipul Sheth of AdvanceTrack Outsourcing, you'll hear Vipul share insights from the many dozens of firms with which he and his team work, specifically around the magic of one or two profound shifts, or profound little changes, in the way you look at and tackle production workflow, so that you and your firm can free up time for your people and still build stronger relationships with your clients.

I hope you'll enjoy the discussion I had with Vipul as much as I did, and I truly hope that you take on board the messages that he shares.  I'm convinced, and I know because of the experience I have with other firms, that what he's talking about makes absolute sense and will deliver the results that you want for yourself and for your firm.

The Solution:

I think part of the problem is we're too nice as a profession.

We are. We're really nice people, in the main, and I think as a result, we're kind of ‘oh, well, you know, the client's happy, I want to keep the client happy’.

But actually sometimes, and I've seen this, and had conversations with many firms about this, where they’ve said, 'when the client has listened to us, they just said: "why didn't you tell us this earlier?"'





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Vipul and Paul talk about the need to challenge your client with new information, that moves them, or makes them think they need to move away from their current status quo bias.

Because your clients are human there is a tendancy to want to do what they have always done, humans are creatures of habit, but people are more likely to change if you challenge their status quo.

When you share new information, technology or processes, that shows your clients that their current methods undermine their future success, they are more likely to change.

Click the button to read the Business Breakthrough report on Client Value and discover how to tackle the status quo bias that exists in your clients business.

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