March 28, 2022

Episode 46: Rebecca Johnson and Sian Lloyd of Lewis Ballard

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The Story

Don't you think it pays to have a clear picture about what your firm will look like in the future, say, in five years’ time? Your firm of the future?

In this podcast discussion with Sian Lloyd and Rebecca Johnson from the Cardiff-based firm Lewis Ballard, you'll hear them share how they’ve created a future-focused, advisory-focused, genuinely caring approach to running an accountancy practice, where there's a real human connection between the team and between the team and their clients. They also discuss what they're doing to advance their firm’s value in the eyes of their customers, by getting better at advisory work and at that future focus.

So why not seek out some inspiration for your firm of the future from Sian and Rebecca on this podcast? I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised by what was a light-hearted discussion, but one with a serious context. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Solution:

We don't just give clients the numbers, we help them understand them, improve them and ultimately use their business as a springboard to achieve their personal goals, business goals and improve their work/life balance.

At the end of the day their business could be around for a short period or long period of time, but if they're working all hours and there is no support, then it's just a job.

So, we try and help the client build their business and achieve what they set out to in life, hopefully with their business being successful.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

When you listen to this Podcast discussion that Paul had with Sian Lloyd and Rebecca Johnson of Lewis Ballard, one thing that is clear all the way through it, is the importance of the relationship they have and want to have with their clients. If clients don't want regular meetings they try to encourage them to, if clients want to meet more than once a month or call them every day, it's all OK because the client is first in everything that drives the team at Lewis Ballard. Sian even talks about their monthly team meeting and how every discussion is brought back to 'what would that mean to the client'.

Their client interactions have shaped the team and made the firm a success.

Those interactions could be refered to as 'moments of truth' - opportunities for you, the firm to be able to deliver magical experiences for your clients. I think Lewis Ballard do just that.

Click the link on the button to read a Business Breakthough report that discusses in more detail the importance of these 'moments of truth' to the success of your firm.

When you focus your energy, your people and your systems on delivering memorable experiences for your clients you create magical moments to help create loyal clients who end up buying more, buy more often, and recommend others to buy too.

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