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Occasionally I struggle to work out how best to help an accountant or an accountancy firm connect with the real value that they deliver to their clients, especially their business-owner clients.

In this podcast discussion with Stephen Pell, you'll hear Stephen and I unpack the emotional part of the value equation, drawing on Stephen’s knowledge and expertise in his work with music artists.

Stephen and his team of 15 people serve artists primarily in the UK, expanding into the US. And he does a brilliant job of demonstrating how to set up and run a niche accounting firm. But he also has many insights for all accountants, specifically around the importance of building an emotional connection with clients.

So please join me and Stephen at humanisethenumbers.online or on your favourite podcast platform – Apple, Spotify or others – and see what you make of Stephen’s valuable insights.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Stephen Pell, who provides valuable insights into working and being successful in a niche firm.


2. Stephen Pell works as an accountant in the music business, a niche industry, where the passion for the music is everything, but the numbers matter too. Listen here to understand why...


3. Listen to Stephen Pell of ICONAC speak about the importance of a galvanised and enthusiastic team when it comes to supporting music artists and their businesses during specific projects.


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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of my discussion with Stephen Pell, who talks openly about the importance of client relationships in a niche accounting firm.



2. Stephen Pell runs a niche accountancy firm that works with music artists and entertainers. Dealing with management teams, record labels and agents is commonplace in this industry, and they can often be the people who choose the accountant the artist engages. So how do demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and ensure that in this tight-knit industry you stand out? Listen to Stephen describe how understanding the emotionally-driven clients, knowing the lingo, hustling and having a team that are really passionate about music, as well as the numbers, has enabled him to grow his clients’ businesses as well as his own.


3. How do you become a successful accountant within the music business - a niche industry? How do you ensure your team are as passionate about your clients as you are? How do you create a culture within your firm that nurtures camaraderie, togetherness and emotional buy-in? Listen to Stephen Pell on this fascinating podcast describe how he and his team work to empower music artists to make better business decisions in a chaotic environment.


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