April 20, 2022

Episode 49: Charlotte Zacharia of Z2 Group Accountants

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The Story

How do you stay ahead of the game? More specifically, how do you ensure you stay ahead of your clients’ expectations, so that you constantly deliver value and a magical, rather than miserable, client experience?

On this HumaniseTheNumbers podcast discussion with Charlotte Zacharia of the accountancy firm Z², you'll hear Charlotte share her powerful insights into how clients’ perceptions and expectations have changed and how she and her firm have responded to that. Her observations can perhaps influence the way you think about the way your firm serves your clients.

So why not join Charlotte and I on this HumaniseTheNumbers.Online podcast discussion to hear Charlotte's views and begin to think about how you might apply those powerful insights in your firm.
The Solution:

I think we recognised early that the pandemic has changed what people want from their finances, from their business figures. They want more insight; they want more support. I think we've adapted to that, we spotted that quite early on.

During the early days of the 2020 lockdown, we spotted that clients had the time to sit at home and look at their figures, to look at their overheads, to work out why their turnover was fluctuating, rather than just carrying on regardless because they're out there trying to win the work.

We've changed the way that we work and changed our mindsets; we are not just focused on the firm’s image, reputation and services. We have changed our mindsets and recognise that clients want more, they want more than just their figures and their tax liabilities at the end of each period.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Charlotte discuss the importance of regular team meetings. During the pandemic, Charlotte and her team met virtually every day; now these meetings happen weekly, and they are task focused, client care focused and proposal focused - they generate accountability and maintain the flow of work. 

In this Bitesize Business Breakthrough you will see that you can’t get the best from your people if they aren’t accountable for the work they do in your firm. You'll also discover that in 30 minutes a week you CAN get the best from your people - by simply getting together every week and following a proven framework for your team meeting, just as Charlotte and her team do.

Click the link on the button below to read this report and discover the importance of well-run, structured team meetings to your firm.

Listen to Paul and Charlotte talk about stories. Telling stories is key to the marketing success of your firm. People love a good story, whether it is in a book, song or movie. There is always a hero and there is always a guide. 

In this Bitesize Business Breakthrough you will discover how to make your client the hero of your story and how you can guide them through their journey, as Gandalf guided Frodo in The Lord of the Rings.

Stories allow you to share your previous successes and allow your clients to see the benefits of working with you.

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Listen to Paul and Charlotte talk further about how stories can demonstrate to prospective clients how you will add value to their business and help their business, not just with the numbers but in other areas too. Stories of your previous achievements and how clients have benefitted from working with you can all help a client when moving accountant.

In this Bitesize Business Breakthrough you will discover how to make your marketing work harder for you when your marketing messages put the power of story-telling to work.

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