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How do you as a leader or manager of an accounting firm connect in a deeper, more meaningful way with your team? How do you ensure that this connection has a positive impact on the way in which team members behave and on their motivation, their drive and their willingness to see your firm succeed? How will this influence the amount and quality of the work they do and the level of care they show for that work?

There’s also a question to be addressed regarding how you connect in a deeper way with your clients, so that they want to work with you more often and take more action based on the insights, guidance and advice you can share with them.

In my conversation with Karen Eber, you'll hear about the importance of the power of stories in connecting in a deep and emotional way with your team, and in a deep and emotional way with your clients, so that you get the results you and your firm deserve.

Karen talks about how there is power in both data and stories, but connecting data – the numbers – with stories results in greater power and a deeper connection that will make a positive difference to every meeting you have with team members, either one-on-one or as a group, as well as every meeting you have with clients.

So why not join Karen and I on this HumaniseTheNumbers.online podcast, or go to your favourite podcast platform – Apple, Spotify, Google – and hunt out the podcast discussion with Karen Eber.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Karen Eber, where Karen talks about how connecting the data (the numbers) with stories will create a deeper connection in team and client meetings.


2. In this podcast, Karen talks about the brain and its 5 'factory settings' and how it's your job when telling a story to override these factory settings to ensure you connect with your target audience.


3. In this podcast, Karen tells some brilliant stories, including one about a holiday on a cruise ship told by a marketing manager to ensure his team engage with the human connection relating to customer satisfaction. Listen here:

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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a brilliant discussion with Karen Eber, of Eber Leadership Group, on how the power of stories can help you connect in a deep and emotional way with your team and in a deep and emotional way with your clients, helping you deliver results and success for your firm. Listen here:



2. In this brilliant and insightful podcast with Karen Eber of Eber Leadership Group, you will hear Karen talk about the importance of stories in all aspects of both personal and business life. Karen is fascinated by the science behind the brain's reaction to a well-told story and how it connects with its target audience. She believes the brain is inherently lazy, which is why, when presented in a business meeting with a series of numbers or data, you read it, hear it, comprehend it and then forget about it, because you are not engaged. Stories are generally more engaging and provide an opportunity for an emotional connection with your audience. Hear about Karen’s passion for stories and the difference they can make to your firm here:


3. Stories, told well with meaning and purpose, can have a profound effect on their audience. They generate a reaction, can create mindset shifts or visceral emotions and, more importantly, should connect with their audience on a personal level.

Listen to Karen Eber of Eber Leadership Group talk about the effect a story can have on the brain and how the right story can override the brain's 'factory settings'. She also discusses the 4-part structure to a successful story.

Karen is a passionate speaker on the subject of stories and has done an incredible amount of research on this subject. The conversation was truly fascinating. Listen here:


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