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How do you and your managers hold accountability conversations that work really well? By really well, I mean that they work out for both the manager and for the person they’re working with – holding them to account. Never an easy conversation.

On this podcast with Graeme Tennick, you'll hear Graeme share his commitment to his own accountability, as well as how open and transparent he is with his team. He allows them to see that he’s being accountable himself and thus earns the right to hold others in his team to account. I push Graeme on the actual process of accountability, and I think he handles it very well.

But this podcast isn’t just about accountability, it’s about how you work with your clients in a 360-degree, future-focused and past-focused way. You do, of course, deal with the annual accounts, but you’re actually holding conversations with your clients, which they see as being of greater value because they're future-focused.

Graeme shares brilliantly how he holds those conversations with clients.

There are other great, valuable insights in this podcast, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Graeme brings his Northeastern sense of humour, which makes for an entertaining conversation. So go to HumaniseTheNumbers.online or to your favourite podcast source and seek out Humanise The Numbers and the podcast with Graeme Tennick.

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1. Listen to Humanise The Numbers with Graeme Tennick. Graeme talks openly about his commitment to accountability conversations with his team and his clients. Listen here:


2. Graeme and his team have established a set of corporate values - listen here to appreciate the importance of these to the success of the team, Graeme and his firm.


3. Some of Graeme's clients have described their accountability conversations with Graeme and his team as a therapy session. Listen here to discover the value of these conversations...


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1. In this minute-long review, you'll hear me sharing the highlights of an insightful discussion with Graeme Tennick of Tennick Accountants. Graeme takes accountability very seriously - his own, his team's and his clients'. Accountability conversations are never easy, but Graeme firmly believes these conversations can add value to your firm and to your clients' businesses. Listen here: 



2. Graeme really cares about his clients' businesses, as if they were his own. During this very open and honest conversation with Graeme Tennick of Tennick & Co, you will hear the enthusiasm for the work he and his team do and their dedication to making a difference to their clients' businesses.

Graeme talks about wanting to help his clients sleep at night, to give them piece of mind and to help them achieve their personal and business goals, so that they can retire with everything they want. It was a really great, passionate discussion, full of brilliant insights and takeaways. Listen here: 


3. The importance of accountability to Graeme and the team at Tennick & Co cannot be overstated - there are weekly and monthly accountability meetings. The numbers (including Graeme's) are visible to everyone in the team and the senior members of the team regularly hold Graeme to account. This process works alongside the firm's core values and behavioural standards, and it also filters into the appraisal process to ensure that everyone understands the targets and strategic vision for the firm. Listen to this fast-paced discussion here.


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