May 18, 2022

Episode 52: Phil Hobden of Wolters Kluwer

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The Story

How you and your firm deliver great value to your clients is a common theme in the HumaniseTheNumbers podcast series.

In this discussion with Phil Hobden, now of Wolters Kluwer, I was able to unpack Phil's experiences as a business owner, as well as an employee and leader of education at Capitalise and, previously, at Futrli.

He shares some amazing insights. The discussion twisted and turned from value for clients and value for team members and how much they're part of a virtual circle. When we, as leaders of our respective businesses, get that value equation right – make it clear, demonstrate it well – we put our firms on that positive path towards reaching our business goals.

I hope you'll join me and Phil on a fast-moving, action-packed and, I think, content- and value-packed podcast at

The Solution:

I always relate back to when I had a business many years ago and I was a terrible business owner, awful, like really rubbish.

I tried to do my own accounts and I cannot tell you the mess I got myself into and I went to an accountant.

They charged me probably more than I would've paid if I'd gone to them initially, but what I did was I got them to show me what to do and educate me. So that I didn't necessarily need to rely on them so heavily the next year and so that I could grasp my numbers and grasp what I needed to do, and that was transformational for me.

It was like there were two levels of value there. The first level of value was the fact that they got me out of a very deep hole of my own creation, but the second level of value was that they showed me how not to get into that hole again and how to be better at what I did.

I walked away from that with a cracking bill but actually, I feel like I've probably got more out of it than they gave me in the long run.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Phil talk about the value equation when it comes to the value of your team and the importance of building a relationship with your team so that they stay with your firm and feel motivated and enthusiastic about the work they do. When your team feels valued, they then naturally want to deliver high-value work for the clients.

Paul relays a story about the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai, the manager was asked to manage the take-over of a hotel that needed major renovation work, where do you start, the customer entrance, or the staff entrance...

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that when you start treating your people like VIPs and they will treat your clients like VIPs too and that the way you treat your team reflects the way your team treats your clients.

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Maintaining the enthusiasm of your team is paramount to the success of your firm.

Paul talks about a Sirota study that focuses on the morale of your team and the 3 sources of enthusiasm - fairness, achievement and camaraderie.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that when you build a sense of fairness, achievement and camaraderie within your team, you’ll tap into an ocean of enthusiasm, drive and motivation.

Click the link on the button to read this report and discover how to build and maintain the 3 sources of enthusiasm in your team.

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