June 9, 2022

Episode 54: Zoe Paradine of UHY Hacker Young

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The Story

It can often feel like a particularly growly challenge to work out how to successfully promote and market your accountancy firm. So it pays, don't you think, to listen in to a marketing expert. In this podcast, you'll hear from Zoe Paradine, Head of Marketing in the UK for UHY Hacker Young. Zoe shares her experience of 20 years of marketing for her own firm and, more importantly, her insights on what's key to successful marketing.

Zoe discusses the need to “make time” – carving out time each week, without fail, to successfully market your firm. She also signposts how to spend that time – building and nurturing lists and building content.

If you are up for learning ways to successfully market your accountancy firm, I think you'll find this podcast exceptionally valuable.

Please go to humanisethenumbers.online or your favourite podcast platform, including Apple and Spotify, to access the podcast. I hope you enjoy this discussion with Zoe as much as I did.

The Solution:

I think for us, content is key, and free content, giving away free content, is paramount to what we do. A huge chunk of the team's day-to-day work is driving content, building content, creating it, and then sharing it and sharing it everywhere.

We've heard somebody refer to us as prolific on LinkedIn with our content because every piece of content that we build is shared, re-shared and repurposed, and we find multiple ways of using it.

Everybody has to make time for marketing because everyone's too busy, we're all too busy and increasingly so, particularly over the last 12-24 months, everybody's at the end of their tether, resources are tight and it's a battle for talent the whole time.

Everybody's pushed and marketing's the easiest thing to not do. So, it's about finding that time, scheduling that time, you have to have it in your diary, whether it's daily, or weekly, but block a morning, block a couple of hours, even if it's just for your own personal marketing - about connecting with your target list.

Everybody needs a target list, everybody needs a list of people they want to be working with and you need to make time every week to connect with that target list.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Zoe talk about the importance of getting your marketing exactly right. They talk about marketing being about timing and relevance, using your content, your offer, at exactly the right time, not pushing your prospects towards you, but them noticing the content you're distributing and wanting to have a conversation with you, wanting to work with you, wanting to hear how you can help them prosper.

Have you ever wondered if your firm's offer is as strong as it could be? Have you ever doubted the words you’ve used to promote your products and services?

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This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will help you use your content to demonstrate the value of what you have to offer.

Click the link on the button to read this report and discover why making your offer clear and obvious, makes you and your firm credible and believable.

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