July 21, 2022

Episode 56: David Gilroy of Conscious Solutions

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The Story

On this HumaniseTheNumbers podcast, you’ll hear from David Gilroy – entrepreneur, business owner, marketeer and, more specifically, website expert.

However, David doesn't work within or provide for the accountancy profession. He builds websites (now over 400 websites) for the legal profession, for lawyers and solicitors. But David’s attention to detail, his obsession with the numbers that really matter when marketing your firm, and his business as well – I think you’ll appreciate his insights, knowledge and guidance on how we should be working better, harder and stronger to capture the numbers that matter so that we can market our businesses in a much more successful way.

Please go to HumaniseTheNumbers.online or to your favourite podcast platform and look up the David Gilroy podcast. I believe you’ll get something of real value from the discussion.

The Solution:

We run what we call a 40/40/20 model, broadly speaking.

20% of our marketing spend goes on staying close to our industry friends - legal software companies, legal publishers and professional bodies - our single biggest channel is professional referrers, word of mouth.

The next 40% goes on staying close to clients because 85% of our turnover is retained, repeatable business and then the other 40% goes on finding new business.

At the end of each six-month period, I analyse those numbers to see if they are still appropriate.

For every pound I invest in the account management team (currently a six-person team which keeps our clients happy, owns the client accounts and does sales and digital marketing support, while the rest of the business does work), I get £4.50 back.

We can't keep adding people as that number changes, but predictably, we know if we had ‘X’ number of clients, we need a bit more support in that team and we've had a policy this year of 'hiring ahead of the curve' as we call it. So we've added five people this year, five new roles to get people in early, before the predicted growth, so that we are ready when that work arrives and not trying to play catch up. That was a cognizant decision to depress our profitability by adding people in early.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and David talk about email marketing. David who is a numbers obsessed, specialist marketeer, believes that email marketing will rise again, because it is a very simple marketing tool and a very easy way to stay in touch and say hello to your list, its also not expensive and a great way of delivering your latest content.

He believes the key to email marketing is the content, content that you should include your whole team in both collecting and writing.

The email delivery of your content is then better received when you make it personal to the reader and understand what the people on your list want to receive. David believes understanding your list is key. 

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that, compared to social media, direct mail and other marketing, email has the highest sales conversion rate of 66%, and that email marketing works best when done as a series.

Click the link on the button to read this report and discover what box sets on Netflix and Amazon Prime have got to do with your email marketing.

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