July 25, 2022

Episode 57: Elaine Godley, Profiler, DISC trainer, wellness expert

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The Story

It's clear from our conversations with virtually every firm with which we work that recruiting high-quality team members, though it's always been tough, is now tougher than ever before. Those same firms are also looking for ways of working better and smarter with their individual employees, within their teams and across the firm.

In this podcast, you're going to hear from Elaine Godley. I've known Elaine for decades, and Elaine has helped me, my business and other firms with which we work to identify how to get the best out of our people, as well as how to bring some science to recruiting people who match perfectly, or as closely as possible, to the job that you need them to do.

Why not join this podcast at HumaniseTheNumbers.online and listen to Elaine's deep and profound insights into blending a team so that they’re more productive, experience more enjoyment in their work and have a greater sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. This kind of team is a result of effectively matching job, person and roles and responsibilities together.

I believe these are valuable insights which could really benefit your firm. I hope you enjoy the podcast with Elaine as much as I did.

The Solution:

In this particular instance, it was a tax consultant, brain the size of a planet, absolutely lovely chap, but he was unable to manage a team. He had a team of people and the team was just in pieces because this person wasn't a manager.  

He just wanted to be in the room with his PA, doing the tax work, head in the books, getting on with things. He was incapable of managing a team.

So, we did a reorganisation, profiled the rest of the team and worked out who would be best suited to who, based on the different personality styles, including the director and managers, and we then created a position for this tax person.

We made him a consultant, so he still had a prestigious position, but no direct line responsibilities. Once this reorganisation had happened the whole place lightened, the ship was running a lot better, and that had an impact on the bottom line, as well as on the effectiveness of both the management team and the overall firm.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Elaine talk about the difficulty of having a conversation with leaders, managers and team members about their personality, behaviour, mental health and well-being.

These are often subjects and conversations people find difficult and are uncomfortable having.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that these conversations are made easier by having a third person in the room, in this case they talk about that third person being the DISC profiler.

When you use DISC to profile people, Elaine has found that there is very little pushback. People find it revealing, it allows them to be vunerable and the evidence backs up the reasons they do the things they do. It allows behaviours to be embraced and recognised rather than changed. Elaine mentioned that most people found it an enlightening experience as the evidence is hard to argue with.

Click the link on the button to discover that successful 'difficult conversations' are more likely when you apply new thinking and get a third party in the room.

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