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How does an accountancy firm’s leadership team – the whole team – radically change the use of software, processes and systems within their firm?

That’s a big question to unpack, but in this humanisethenumbers.online podcast discussion between myself and Eriona Bajrakurtaj, you'll hear how she has transformed the behaviour and performance of the people, as well as the effectiveness of the systems and processes, in her 19-person, 1600-client firm.

She and her team moved a thousand clients from one way of bookkeeping to another in just six months – a thousand clients in six months! This is a podcast definitely worth listening to if you are wondering how to approach change in your firm.

Listen in to hear Eriona describe her journey – from her start as a 13-year-old bookkeeper in her father's accounting firm to transforming that firm later in life as Managing Director.

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Eriona as much as I did, and I hope you can take from the discussion insights that will help you humanise the numbers in your own firm.

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1. Listen to this fascinating Humanise The Numbers podcast with Eriona Bajrakurtaj to hear how she has radically approached change in her firm.


2. How do you part company with 400 clients over 2 years and still manage a profitable accountancy firm?


3. Listen here to a brilliant podcast with Eriona Bajrakurtaj on how she managed to moved 1000 clients from one way of working to another in just six months.


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1. In this review you'll hear me sharing the highlights of a fascinating discussion with Eriona Bajrakurtaj of Major's Accounts on how she and her team radically changed the software, processes and systems used within their firm.


2. Listen to this podcast discussion with Eriona Bajrakurtaj of Major's Accounts. Its impressive how quickly and efficiently Eriona and her team have managed to move 1000 clients from one way of bookkeeping to another in just 6 months, whilst still maintaining the performance and motivation of her team. Eriona's enthusiasm for her work, her team and her firm is evident.


3. Listen to this Humanise The Numbers podcast with Eriona Bajrakurtaj of Major's Accounts. Eriona has been working in her family-run accountancy firm since the age of 13. She shares some brilliant insights in this podcast, including how she has split their client base into 3 departments based on industry, thus enabling her team to manage the large number of clients they have. In addition, she discusses the controversial yet necessary process of parting company with 400 clients over 2 years and how they now only work with clients who are willing to accept their way of working.


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