July 12, 2022

Episode 60: Andrew Jordan of Connect 4


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The Story

If there are two things that ultimately, fundamentally influence the success of your accounting firm, it's your firm's ability to retain and recruit the right people and build your team and to recruit and retain the right clients.

So, it was a real pleasure to welcome Andrew Jordan of Connect 4 onto a podcast discussion where we actually unpacked, thanks to Andrew's experiences at BDO, his experiences of establishing Fathom in the UK (the KPI reporting tool, Fathom), and his experiences of founding and growing Connect 4 in the UK.

Andrew shares some brilliant insights into building client relationships and therefore building the loyalty clients have for your firm, their willingness to stay, to buy additional services and also recommend you and your firm, but also how your approach to client relationships has a serious impact on your ability to retain and therefore probably recruit new high quality team members.

So why not join Andrew and I on this humanisethenumbers.online podcast and see what you can take from it and apply it to your firm, so that you can help transform and grow the success of your firm.

The Solution:

I think accounting firms and I'm using that term generically, think that they have proposal software and practice management software, these are the two categories and I know those two areas quite well, we have investors who are CEOs or founders of companies in those spheres and they think that you've done an engagement letter, sent them into internal workflows, which is done in practice management solution and that's you done.

And yes, you have to do your KYC AML client checks and handover, but that's, it, it is just compliance listing. I think the step that's missed above accounts prep is your opportunity to give them a meeting where you explain what other things you do, what other areas you are involved in, what other businesses come to you for.

It's your chance to explain who you have in your team who are specialists in certain areas, your processes, your expectations, and that you want to talk to them quarterly, as this is the way you do business.

You can also explain that you will keep their numbers up to date on a weekly, monthly basis, but this is a massive opportunity to deal with more than just the accounts prep.

I think a lot of people go straight from proposal software to practice management software and they think they've solved that customer onboarding piece and I know that a lot of software companies are looking at this space because they realise that's not the case.





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Resources relating to this podcast:

Listen to Paul and Andrew talk about the importance of leading your firm well, and understanding that your biggest asset is your team.

They talk about empowering your team, getting them involved with the clients and allowing them to build the relationships with your clients so that it is them, not you who are talking to the clients regularly.

If you want to recruit and retain your best people Andrew believes you have to show them the path and your firms core purpose.

Paul and Andrew also both agree that 'The Why' trumps everything - your reason for doing everything is your core purpose.

Put simply Andrew believes that when you lead with purpose you engage your team and build a better firm, or they leave.

This Bitesize Business Breakthrough will show you that being a successful firm isn’t just about delivering your products or services to your clients for a profit – it’s about having a deeper meaning that connects with your clients, your employees and other stakeholders.

Click the link on the button to discover why a clear sense of purpose brings clarity and alignment to everyone in your firm.

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